Maybe SOMEDAY. “Someday” has always indicated to me a probability of this elusive eventuality actually happening – and of my participating in it. I sure hope that’s still the case. MAYBE someday. “Maybe” used to indicate to me nothing more than a series of choices to debate, or possibly a financial decision or two toContinue reading “MAYBE SOMEDAY …”

And Life Spins Merrily Along …

Well, OK, maybe not so merrily, but it DOES seem to be spinning. I’ve been too busy to do much of that (spinning) myself lately, which I intend to remedy. Those of my followers who aren’t avid fans of K9 Nose Work (the dog sport) will be happy to note that I seem to haveContinue reading “And Life Spins Merrily Along …”

Planning A Dachshund New Year

As we near the start of 2020, rather than coming up with a bunch of New Year’s resolutions that I probably won’t remember by February, I’m busy planning a work and play schedule for Baxter & Rhonda. Who does that? In my dog circles; probably more folks than you might guess. It can get complicated,Continue reading “Planning A Dachshund New Year”

The Tale of Baxter’s Nose

The following story was a feature in The Better Companion Dog Training Facility’s monthly newsletter – written in 2017, I think, and follows my early journey into the sport of K9 Nose Work. I’ve added to the story since then, of course. I thought the story might be an interesting addition to my blog andContinue reading “The Tale of Baxter’s Nose”