Practice at home Post #2

Next Tuesday’s NW-Practice was going to be “Containers with Distractors”. So, starting today, I’m going to give you info and tips to help you successfully prepare for next Tuesday’s “at home” practice. I’m going to set up a search challenge for you to do at home, along with tips for those of you just startingContinue reading “Practice at home Post #2”

Welcome to NW-Practice at home Post #1

Welcome! This group was created to give our local Valley Nose Work/Scent Work group a safe place to PLAY until we can get back together in person to practice with our dogs. We will post a weekly (maybe more often) Practice Exercise to work on at home – feel free to post videos of yourContinue reading “Welcome to NW-Practice at home Post #1”

Planning A Dachshund New Year

As we near the start of 2020, rather than coming up with a bunch of New Year’s resolutions that I probably won’t remember by February, I’m busy planning a work and play schedule for Baxter & Rhonda. Who does that? In my dog circles; probably more folks than you might guess. It can get complicated,Continue reading “Planning A Dachshund New Year”

The Tale of Baxter’s Nose

The following story was a feature in The Better Companion Dog Training Facility’s monthly newsletter – written in 2017, I think, and follows my early journey into the sport of K9 Nose Work. I’ve added to the story since then, of course. I thought the story might be an interesting addition to my blog andContinue reading “The Tale of Baxter’s Nose”