Trick or Treat? BOTH!

OK, I’ve come to the conclusion one can only stare at a bird-feeder for just so long before going bonkers. Rhonda agrees. Chickadees are simply too small to consider proper prey – and besides, Mom won’t let her out on the upper deck to chase them. This past week, along with bird-watching; I’ve made aContinue reading “Trick or Treat? BOTH!”

In a Holding Pattern

I feel like an airplane pilot, denied permission to land after a long flight. Being forced to circle the airport endlessly, not knowing when I might be allowed to complete my flight and come to a rolling stop. I find I suddenly want the flight to be over. I want off this dang plane. IContinue reading “In a Holding Pattern”

Mother Nature Strikes Again

My cheerful little holiday-themed bird feeder took a bit of a hit from Mother Nature last night. There was quite a breeze all day yesterday, but my ornaments seemed to be holding their own through it, dancing and waving merrily. I’ll admit, I really enjoy watching the birds dart in and out, oblivious to theContinue reading “Mother Nature Strikes Again”

Conflicting Feelings

Winter Solstice always brings with it conflicting feelings. It’s the shortest “day” of the year … a bit of a misnomer since we have the same 24 hours as any other day to fumble through, but minimal day-LIGHT to assist us along our way. Here in my little corner of dark, snowy Alaska, the sunContinue reading “Conflicting Feelings”

Christmas Decor Goes to the Birds – Part 2

It took three long days, once I added bird seed, for the first intrepid chickadees to notice the lonely little bird feeder high on the open upper deck outside my bedroom window. The few who were brave enough to venture onto the very exposed deck darted in, grabbed a seed and flew away – presumablyContinue reading “Christmas Decor Goes to the Birds – Part 2”

Christmas Decor Goes to the Birds – Part 1

I’ll take my Christmas spirit where I can find it. Today, at a chilly 14°F, I finished decorating my “real” Christmas tree. 🎄 But first, let’s go back to the beginning of this project. Warning; this is going to be a bit of a ramble … just sorting my feelings out so I can moveContinue reading “Christmas Decor Goes to the Birds – Part 1”

Ready or Not – Christmas is Coming

This is a difficult Christmas season for many. I’ve been searching for inspiration; for some small ways to bring a little Christmas cheer to what is currently looking to be a very quiet, at-home Christmas. I’ve managed to come up with a few ideas for brightening the season, but I admit it’s been an uphillContinue reading “Ready or Not – Christmas is Coming”