Cabin Fever Strikes!

Or … Alternative caption: “Dream RV Adventure or Short RV Trips?” There is, sadly, often a big difference between the RV trip we WANT to take and the RV trip we know is within our capabilities, physically, financially and time-wise. But one has to dream big, right? It may not happen, but if we don’tContinue reading “Cabin Fever Strikes!”

Mental Stimulation – Key to a Happy Retirement?

After retiring last fall from my office job of the past eight years, I gave a lot of thought to how best to keep my mind active and productive. I believe I mentioned that I was going to start writing again for BellaOnline – an international multi-topic online magazine owned and operated by women. I’veContinue reading “Mental Stimulation – Key to a Happy Retirement?”

Barometer Roller-Coasters

I am NOT complaining over the happy fact that it is +28F here in Meadow Lakes, Alaska today. However, I really wish Mother Nature would be kind enough to do these things a tad less dramatically. I felt this change coming yesterday – weather change precognition seems to be a talent of many auto-immune sufferers.Continue reading “Barometer Roller-Coasters”

For the Joy of Dachshunds

When the tiny 2-pound bundle of black and tan furry love that was “Pocket” joined our family in October 1998, I fell head over heels and irrevocable into love with Dachshunds. Pocket was actually only half Dachshund, at least genetically, although her personality was sure 100%. Her mama was a gorgeous, AKC registered Miniature DachshundContinue reading “For the Joy of Dachshunds”

Baxter's Navigator Status

For the past six months, the question of Baxter’s ability to continue traveling as my #1 Navigator in the RV and possibly even competing in future Nose Work/Scent Work trials has laid heavy on my mind. If his problem can’t be corrected – if it’s simply some sort of normal age-related disfunction – can IContinue reading “Baxter's Navigator Status”

On This Still Alaska Morning

I found myself reluctant to get out of my toasty warm bed this morning, much less actually DO anything. One glance at the outside thermometer showed the temperature was -24F at my house. Sure, Fairbanks is lots colder, but really, I didn’t care about anyplace except right here. Ack. Rhonda was curled tightly against myContinue reading “On This Still Alaska Morning”