Risk Management 101: Everyone is Different

Only time will tell whether our decision was right or wrong. No … wait, that isn’t true, or even a realistic way to look at the big picture. We’ll probably never know if following another path would have made any difference, for better or for worse. And I guess I’m OK with that. In anyContinue reading “Risk Management 101: Everyone is Different”

Realities and Wishful Thinking

My bedroom is still too darn small! I don’t know why it seems to shrink every year at about this same time. Even with my puzzle board doing double duty as grooming table and desk, and my spinning chair foldable (as is my wheel), there’s just no place to truly put enough things away. WhyContinue reading “Realities and Wishful Thinking”

Turned Leaves and Closed Doors

Autumn is a lovely time of year and I enjoy the sheer beauty of the changing seasons. What I have yet to come to terms with is the necessity of winterizing “Roada” and closing her up for the winter. Sadly, the time for this fall ritual is fast approaching. In order to spur me alongContinue reading “Turned Leaves and Closed Doors”

A Stitch In Time

Busy with my RV rambles this summer, I haven’t written much about spinning or knitting. It was enough to just keep busy. To keep my mind off Covid-19, other health concerns, finances, relationships, work and the future in general. Call it escaping, denial, or whatever you like. Everyone finds their own ways to cope. IContinue reading “A Stitch In Time”

Autumn Golds, Reds … and the Blues

I left home last Wednesday with the firm intention of driving north until I found the beautiful golds, yellows, oranges and reds that herald fall in Alaska. Fall would, hands down, be my favorite season of the year – IF it wasn’t invariably followed so darn closely by a cold, dark, often dismal winter. ThereContinue reading “Autumn Golds, Reds … and the Blues”

I Should Live By The Ocean

The gently rolling, almost hypnotic motion of incoming waves, even within the boundaries of a quiet (for now) bay, eases my mind and soothes my soul. It’s morning on Resurrection Bay in Seward, Alaska. Taking Ronni for a morning walk in this setting is anything but a chore. To my left, towards the harbor endContinue reading “I Should Live By The Ocean”

Rainy Days and Wednesdays

RV travel suits me right down to the ground. And although I don’t mind rainy days, I’m optimistically hoping for a long “Indian summer” this year. I’m not at all ready to hang my keys up for the winter. I awoke early this morning to an entirely different view out my bedroom window from whatContinue reading “Rainy Days and Wednesdays”

Fall Begins With a Splash

Well … alright, I’ll admit it was close, but we avoided actually ending up in the water. After a beautifully scenic drive from Soldotna in the morning, September 1st found Rhonda and I in Seward, Alaska, one of my favorite places in this ever-diverse and spectacular state. Our water’s edge campsite afforded an unobstructed viewContinue reading “Fall Begins With a Splash”