Hints of Changing Seasons

Each morning I awaken, knowing I’m one day closer to Spring. 🌷☀️🌱 I witness the dawn shatter the last dregs of darkness, freeing the silhouette of the eastern mountains and throwing the sun’s rays across the valley. I revel in the knowledge that seeing dawn at all will soon be a distant memory, not toContinue reading “Hints of Changing Seasons”

This is Getting Ridiculous

I closed my eyes and rubbed at the headache blooming between my eyes last night as I climbed into bed. After keeping a confident smile on my face all day and reassuring Jerry that everything was under control … it was a relief to say goodnight and head upstairs, leaving him snoozing peacefully in hisContinue reading “This is Getting Ridiculous”

Compulsive Tidiness

Nope, compulsive tidiness is not a problem at my house. Especially not these days. I should admit, I started this blog before Jer’s accident, but I wanted to finish it and get it posted, so tweaked and updated it here and there to make it more relevant. In my fantasy life, everything in my houseContinue reading “Compulsive Tidiness”

Healing’s a Slow Process

I’m so sorry for keeping everyone waiting. I’ve literally been too busy, or more accurately too tired, to put more than a few words together in a coherent sentence. I’d forgotten, over the past 13 years since Jer’s last major catastrophe, how intense and time-consuming caregiving is. And I’m 13 years older. Sigh. Jerry’s recoveryContinue reading “Healing’s a Slow Process”