Defying Gravity

My day started out absolutely gorgeous. I awoke early (6:30 am; thanks Ronni 🙄) to sunshine, green trees and sparkling water. After dressing Rhonda in her warmest felted coat and donning my own down jacket, wool hat and gloves, we took an early morning stroll along the beach. It was 34°F. I would’ve happily limitedContinue reading “Defying Gravity”

Trick or Treat? BOTH!

OK, I’ve come to the conclusion one can only stare at a bird-feeder for just so long before going bonkers. Rhonda agrees. Chickadees are simply too small to consider proper prey – and besides, Mom won’t let her out on the upper deck to chase them. This past week, along with bird-watching; I’ve made aContinue reading “Trick or Treat? BOTH!”