Reluctantly Rolling Home

Neither of us wanted to head home. But it seems we were here long enough for me to reset my equilibrium. I’ve had the one last week of summer I was craving. While the city of Fairbanks is not normally on my top list of vacation destinations, it does host a couple of nice RVContinue reading “Reluctantly Rolling Home”

Blue Skies Ahead!

Rhonda and I had been on the road less than twenty minutes Saturday morning when we topped a rise just past Cantwell and were greeted by this welcoming sight. In a mostly gloomy sky, crowded with dark clouds promising rain or worse, there was suddenly the mood-lifting phenomenon in the distance that my Mom usedContinue reading “Blue Skies Ahead!”

Morning Rituals

A drop in the barometer is never a good thing for someone coping with fibromyalgia (or quite a few other autoimmune disorders). However, that discomfort is somewhat offset when rain accompanies the low-pressure system. Waking to the patter of rain on the roof this morning was blissful. I delayed moving a single muscle for severalContinue reading “Morning Rituals”

Defying Gravity

My day started out absolutely gorgeous. I awoke early (6:30 am; thanks Ronni 🙄) to sunshine, green trees and sparkling water. After dressing Rhonda in her warmest felted coat and donning my own down jacket, wool hat and gloves, we took an early morning stroll along the beach. It was 34°F. I would’ve happily limitedContinue reading “Defying Gravity”