Vacation Ponderings

Things I learned while on vacation with my husband. Lesson #1: Men don’t do well sitting in the passenger seat, mentally twiddling their thumbs, while the woman drives around small towns in a 27’ motorhome following GPS directions that start with “Make a U-turn at the next signal” [and go back the way you came,Continue reading “Vacation Ponderings”

Fish Parts and Other Puzzles

I awakened this morning to brilliant sunshine and a view out my window of the awesome range of mountains and volcanic peaks across Cook Inlet. After a beautiful morning walk with Ronni, I settled in with a mug of hot coffee and a bran muffin to soak in the gorgeous ocean-front vista before me. TheContinue reading “Fish Parts and Other Puzzles”

Getting There is Is Half the Battle

I left home under dark, gloomy skies, but at least it wasn’t raining. I planned on driving through Anchorage mid-day for the lightest traffic, which worked out well. My mood was bubbly, my anticipation high. I was finally, once again, out on a road trip! 🎶🎵 On the road again … 🎵🎶 Just can’t waitContinue reading “Getting There is Is Half the Battle”