Starts and Stops and Starts

The lulling patter of rain on the roof had Ronni and I both contentedly sleeping late this morning. It was such a relaxing sound and we were in no hurry – check-out isn’t until noon. Once we were both dressed for the weather and I’d started water heating for coffee, we took advantage of aContinue reading “Starts and Stops and Starts”

Raspberry Lemonade

You all know the saying; “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade”, right? So, I did my best to make lemonade yesterday. It was leaning towards the tart side, but I managed to sneak in enough sugar towards the end to save the day. We started out with a fun, simple idea. Jer asked whatContinue reading “Raspberry Lemonade”

In the Blink of an Eye

Less than a week ago, as you know, we were impatiently watching for even the tiniest signs of Spring. Glaring at snowbanks in our yard as they reluctantly and very slowly receded. Four days later, the metamorphosis has occurred, seemingly overnight. Spring is HERE. OK, not quite in its full glory yet, but it’s acceptably,Continue reading “In the Blink of an Eye”

Packing for Cold Weather

As is my norm, I am loath to leave home for the maiden RV voyage of the season without spending at least a couple nights aboard, settling in. This offers the opportunity to discover what I’ve forgotten to pack as well as whether anything has stopped working over the long, cold winter. I have anContinue reading “Packing for Cold Weather”