Thankfulness and Gratitude

Thanksgiving Day (in the United States) dawned here in Alaska with pinks and salmons in the east, promising sunny skies, at least for the morning. Alpenglow lit the mountains to the north of our home, causing the snow to take on a rosy peach gleam above a mist-shrouded valley. One of the aspects of winterContinue reading “Thankfulness and Gratitude”

Morning Coffee

I’ve been immersed in spinning and fiber blending on my drum carder this past week. Although I enjoy blending complimentary fibers (fine sheep’s wool and alpaca, mohair or angora bunny, for example) in their natural coat colors, sometimes I crave bright colors and the creative energy of putting pre-dyed colors together, making stripes or changingContinue reading “Morning Coffee”

November Comes Blowing

Before opening my eyes in the softness of the pre-dawn dark this morning, I knew it would be another day of gloomy, somber gray skies and blustery winds. The wind, although not howling or storm-worthy, had been steadily moaning through the leafless branches outside my bedroom window all night – as it has for muchContinue reading “November Comes Blowing”