Draped in Black

Well …. it seems I misjudged the appropriate date for winterizing “Roada”. Because of my miscalculation, or MAYBE just because winter is setting in way earlier than I was prepared to accept, the poor girl is spending a couple of weeks wearing this disgraceful black plastic gown. Still, better safe than stylish, right? Nighttime tempsContinue reading “Draped in Black”

Making Lemonade

I like it when a plan comes together, everything works out beautifully and the results are exactly as expected. And then there is reality. After jumping through multiple hoops to finally snag an appointment to have my RV professionally washed, waxed and buffed prior to winterizing, I was less than thrilled to be told, “Oh,Continue reading “Making Lemonade”

Quiet Skies Over Alaska

Remembering the shock and horror of September 11, 2001; I stand in my yard at home in Alaska today. As I scan the sky for the comforting normalcy of small planes passing overhead, I clearly remember the eerie silence of that day twenty years ago when all planes were abruptly ordered out of the sky.Continue reading “Quiet Skies Over Alaska”