Skipping Straight to May

I admit it. April was mostly depressing, exhausting and painful. I wasn’t motivated to write. I had to delay (twice!) getting the RV de-winterized because of cold weather and lingering snow. I was so ready for spring, and spring just wasn’t cooperating. Rhonda and I attended our first Barn Hunt trial of the year inContinue reading “Skipping Straight to May”

February Choices

February has been a month of introspection, making life-changing choices and beginning to come to terms with those choices. It has also been the first month in nearly a year that I’ve felt a noticeable lessening of stress (in me) caused by the pandemic. Jerry and I qualified by age for our 1st covid-19 vaccineContinue reading “February Choices”

Different Dachshunds

Waking up with a long, hot-water-bottle warm dachshund glued to your side on a morning when the thermometer outside reads -0°F is a lovely thing. Much as I hated to disturb either of us, coffee was calling my name. Rhonda groaned and snuggled closer when I shifted, but heartless human that I am, I wentContinue reading “Different Dachshunds”

Risk Management 101: Everyone is Different

Only time will tell whether our decision was right or wrong. No … wait, that isn’t true, or even a realistic way to look at the big picture. We’ll probably never know if following another path would have made any difference, for better or for worse. And I guess I’m OK with that. In anyContinue reading “Risk Management 101: Everyone is Different”