And … It’s Raining Again

The drive home from Fairbanks was a mixed bag, weather-wise. I had mostly blue skies overhead with clouds building off to either side as I drove south towards home. What clouds there were stayed high and were polite about not obscuring the spectacular views of tundra, forest and mountains as I meandered along the ParksContinue reading “And … It’s Raining Again”

A Week Apart From the World

The only sound to break the silence in this spruce forest for the past hour was the lonesome whistle of the Alaska Railroad train as it passed nearby. It’s good to know the train is running, albeit on a reduced schedule. From what I gather, the Denali Park tour bus was finally going to startContinue reading “A Week Apart From the World”

Day Six – Homeward Bound

Slowly, we turned towards home … Oh, how my heart wanted to find some other route. Something other than the Parks Hwy, which will lead us back to our “normal” life. Eventually. 😉 But not today. All right, no more whining. I know it’s past time to call a [temporary] halt to this particular ramble,Continue reading “Day Six – Homeward Bound”