Vacation Ponderings

Things I learned while on vacation with my husband. Lesson #1: Men don’t do well sitting in the passenger seat, mentally twiddling their thumbs, while the woman drives around small towns in a 27’ motorhome following GPS directions that start with “Make a U-turn at the next signal” [and go back the way you came,Continue reading “Vacation Ponderings”

I’m feeling a Little Sideways

Into every life, a little rain must fall. That’s the pure truth. And, of course, you won’t get through a summer in Alaska without experiencing some foggy, chilly mornings, especially if you are camping near the ocean. AND, yes … there will be windy days. In general, I find myself able to enjoy each oneContinue reading “I’m feeling a Little Sideways”

The “Other” Weekend Adventure

On the bright side; I didn’t blow up the RV. I don’t have much in the way of pretty photos to share with this story. It’s more in the way of a cautionary tale. I want to begin by thanking SixRobbLee’s RV Center in Anchorage for promptly and efficiently repairing my malfunctioning propane regulator yesterdayContinue reading “The “Other” Weekend Adventure”

I Should Live By The Ocean

The gently rolling, almost hypnotic motion of incoming waves, even within the boundaries of a quiet (for now) bay, eases my mind and soothes my soul. It’s morning on Resurrection Bay in Seward, Alaska. Taking Ronni for a morning walk in this setting is anything but a chore. To my left, towards the harbor endContinue reading “I Should Live By The Ocean”

Rainy Days and Wednesdays

RV travel suits me right down to the ground. And although I don’t mind rainy days, I’m optimistically hoping for a long “Indian summer” this year. I’m not at all ready to hang my keys up for the winter. I awoke early this morning to an entirely different view out my bedroom window from whatContinue reading “Rainy Days and Wednesdays”

Fall Begins With a Splash

Well … alright, I’ll admit it was close, but we avoided actually ending up in the water. After a beautifully scenic drive from Soldotna in the morning, September 1st found Rhonda and I in Seward, Alaska, one of my favorite places in this ever-diverse and spectacular state. Our water’s edge campsite afforded an unobstructed viewContinue reading “Fall Begins With a Splash”

Hanging On for Dear Life

The last week of August has traditionally been a super busy late summer camping week in Alaska, leading up the the grand finale over Labor Day Weekend. Traditionally … The summer of 2020 seems to be petering out early, fizzling out with little fanfare, fewer and fewer RVs on the roads and none of theContinue reading “Hanging On for Dear Life”

Happy Happenstance

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” I don’t recall who wrote that, but it is apt for this story. Having enjoyed an unprecedented three days of sunshine and relatively stress free camping, my dear hubby woke up Sunday morning a tad bit on the “wrong side of the bed.”Continue reading “Happy Happenstance”

Throwing Caution to the Wind

Sometimes you just have to throw caution to the wind and go with your gut. With superb late summer weather forecast for the next four days, temps in the 70s, blue skies and balmy breezes, there was no way I was sitting home. I headed for unknown (to me) territory – and I took Jerry,Continue reading “Throwing Caution to the Wind”