The Road is Calling

I’ve been on the road for only a couple of hours, but due to a lazy, late start from home, I’m already feeling the need for lunch. Bird Point Trailhead was the perfect spot for a sandwich and a scenic walk with Ronni. This beautifully maintained nature trail runs for over six miles along TurnagainContinue reading “The Road is Calling”

In the Blink of an Eye

Less than a week ago, as you know, we were impatiently watching for even the tiniest signs of Spring. Glaring at snowbanks in our yard as they reluctantly and very slowly receded. Four days later, the metamorphosis has occurred, seemingly overnight. Spring is HERE. OK, not quite in its full glory yet, but it’s acceptably,Continue reading “In the Blink of an Eye”

Volunteer Day in Chugiak

Spoiler alert. This is going to be a fairly short blog entry. It’s 8:00 pm. Ronni and I are snugged up in our cozy little home away from home and I’m exhausted. Volunteering at a K9 Nose Work trial doesn’t generally include as much walking as a trial day, but it can mean a longContinue reading “Volunteer Day in Chugiak”

Day One in Chugiak Alaska

The 30 minute drive from downtown Wasilla (where we gassed up last night) to Chugiak was quite an eye-opener. As soon as I turned off the Glenn Hwy at Mirror Lake, I entered the shadow of the nearby Chugach mountain range. With a lot less sunshine falling on the deep snow, Spring has been slowContinue reading “Day One in Chugiak Alaska”