And … It’s Raining Again

The drive home from Fairbanks was a mixed bag, weather-wise. I had mostly blue skies overhead with clouds building off to either side as I drove south towards home. What clouds there were stayed high and were polite about not obscuring the spectacular views of tundra, forest and mountains as I meandered along the ParksContinue reading “And … It’s Raining Again”

In The Distance

Talkeetna is a fun place to stop in late August and if it had not been raining, I might’ve been tempted. The worst of the summer tourists have moved on, most of the shops and cafes are still open, and the town folk are mostly friendly. However, as I bopped along the Parks Hwy andContinue reading “In The Distance”

Traveling Weather

If you don’t like the weather at home, go somewhere else. It doesn’t necessarily mean the weather will be any better there, but the view will change. So, after several days of almost monsoon-worthy rainstorms, one following on the soggy heels of the last, I was definitely ready for a change. Besides, Ronni says herContinue reading “Traveling Weather”

Morning Rituals

A drop in the barometer is never a good thing for someone coping with fibromyalgia (or quite a few other autoimmune disorders). However, that discomfort is somewhat offset when rain accompanies the low-pressure system. Waking to the patter of rain on the roof this morning was blissful. I delayed moving a single muscle for severalContinue reading “Morning Rituals”