Volunteer Day in Chugiak

Spoiler alert. This is going to be a fairly short blog entry.

It’s 8:00 pm. Ronni and I are snugged up in our cozy little home away from home and I’m exhausted.

Volunteering at a K9 Nose Work trial doesn’t generally include as much walking as a trial day, but it can mean a long day, with a lot of it spent on your feet. We signed in this morning at 7:45 am, and other than 45 minutes for lunch (time to jog down to the parking area to walk Ronni, make a sandwich and eat it on the way back), we were busy until nearly 6:00 pm.

I’m absolutely not complaining – trials can’t happen without volunteers and I love trialing with my dogs, so I’m happy to do my part. That’s not to say I’m not going to be whipped at the end of the day.

I’m also happy and relieved to say my knee isn’t giving me ANY trouble at all, which is saying a lot after the past three days!

Our Sunday NW2 Trial day ended up being as gorgeous, sunny, blue and beautiful as yesterday. Chilly, yes, but hey! I had to break out the sunscreen! ☀️😎

8,370 steps today. Is anyone else keeping track? I’m betting my “Activities App” is going to nag me for the next month because it’ll see me as lagging behind my new “norm”.

Ronni had to put on her big girl panties and stay by herself in the RV today, which friends in the parking lot said she did without fuss. Win! I walked her early this morning before I had to check in, walked her again briefly during our lunch break, then took her for a fairly long walk after dinner. A walk that would have been longer … except it started raining.

Yep, I said raining. ☔️

But again, I’m not complaining, because my weather app says it’s supposed to be snowing right now.

I’ll happily take the rain, as long as it ends before tomorrow morning’s 7:45 am check-in. Yes, one more day of volunteering. If I can get out of bed in the morning, I’ll be there. That’s yet to be determined, but at least it’s a short commute.

My fibro is giving me fits at the moment. It doesn’t co-exist well with sudden weather/barometer changes. Hopefully, I can just sleep it off overnight.

I do usually sleep well to the sound of rain on the roof.

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I’m a RV Sometimer (less than full time, but more than a weekend warrior) living in Alaska, with dreams of seeing the country in my RV. I am 70 years old and married, but my husband isn’t a fan of RV travel, so my journeys are mostly solo except for my navigators; dachshunds Baxter & Rhonda. I’m also a spinner of tales - and a spinner of yarn (my other passion). My spinning wheel, along with the dogs, go along on all my travels. I look forward to sharing my stories, including photos and videos, with you.

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