Chickens and Turkeys and Goats – Oh My!

Another day, another camping spot. This weekend, although we are at this location for a PSD (Performance Scent Dog) Trial, Camp Maranatha is a beautiful backdrop for the trial, and is also home to a small farmstead. The Scent Work Trial will be on the more picturesque lake-side of the camp, with its dock, benchesContinue reading “Chickens and Turkeys and Goats – Oh My!”

Staying On the Bright Side

My trip south to the Kenai peninsula had the desired effect. When I awoke the morning after my arrival in Soldotna, the dark clouds were busily scudding off across Cook Inlet – probably intent on plastering Wasilla with yet another inch of rain. The weather in Soldotna, for the entire three days of our BarnContinue reading “Staying On the Bright Side”

Traveling Weather

If you don’t like the weather at home, go somewhere else. It doesn’t necessarily mean the weather will be any better there, but the view will change. So, after several days of almost monsoon-worthy rainstorms, one following on the soggy heels of the last, I was definitely ready for a change. Besides, Ronni says herContinue reading “Traveling Weather”

Morning Rituals

A drop in the barometer is never a good thing for someone coping with fibromyalgia (or quite a few other autoimmune disorders). However, that discomfort is somewhat offset when rain accompanies the low-pressure system. Waking to the patter of rain on the roof this morning was blissful. I delayed moving a single muscle for severalContinue reading “Morning Rituals”