November Comes Blowing

Before opening my eyes in the softness of the pre-dawn dark this morning, I knew it would be another day of gloomy, somber gray skies and blustery winds. The wind, although not howling or storm-worthy, had been steadily moaning through the leafless branches outside my bedroom window all night – as it has for muchContinue reading “November Comes Blowing”

Reluctantly Rolling Home

Neither of us wanted to head home. But it seems we were here long enough for me to reset my equilibrium. I’ve had the one last week of summer I was craving. While the city of Fairbanks is not normally on my top list of vacation destinations, it does host a couple of nice RVContinue reading “Reluctantly Rolling Home”

In The Distance

Talkeetna is a fun place to stop in late August and if it had not been raining, I might’ve been tempted. The worst of the summer tourists have moved on, most of the shops and cafes are still open, and the town folk are mostly friendly. However, as I bopped along the Parks Hwy andContinue reading “In The Distance”

Running From the Rain

Last Friday dawned, if you can call it that, with clouds so low they touched the treetops. The rain, having been a persistent if unwelcome companion for most of the past three weeks, continued to pound relentlessly outside my window. I’d been stuck at home, recovering from covid, for the past week. I had nappedContinue reading “Running From the Rain”