Oh Good Grief


Yep, I woke up Wednesday morning, opened the curtains and looked out on this chilly landscape. Was not wet, cold mud enough to deal with?

It literally snowed all day. Not a lot of snow, but steadily all dang day, so there was no ignoring it. It’s not going to stick this time of year. I know this. Heck, it’ll probably be gone by tomorrow, but GEEZ! It’s just the principle of the thing.

The dachshunds agree.

The Joys of Dog Photography

Seriously, my hat is off to all the professional dog photographers, and maybe even more so to regular dog owners, who can successfully pose their dogs side by side with their hard-earned dog sports ribbons and achieve an acceptable brag photo.

Such a simple thing, you would think. I see them on Facebook all the time. Two generally well-mannered dogs … easy peasy. Such satisfying results. ❤️ Look. See?

Baxter & Rhonda with matching 1st place NW3 Vehicle search rosettes, earned one day apart.

But noooo … these three photos, far from professional quality, took quite a bit of time, effort and patience. And may I say, patience in posing for photos is something Baxter sorely lacks.

Or could it be that like me, a lot of people have dozens of blooper photos for each one that makes it to Facebook or Instagram?

For me, getting a nice picture of ONE of my dogs is challenging enough (black dogs can be notoriously difficult to photograph well, which doesn’t help), but setting two of them side by side and expecting them both to hold a pose is laughable.

Maybe I should just post a shot of the rosettes and leave the dogs out of it?

But what fun would that be? Besides, dog sports are all about the dogs – not the ribbons. The dogs love this game so much. The ribbons are a fun bonus, but it’s not like the dachshunds care about them.

So, after a trial, I have fun hanging or laying out the ribbons, whether there’s one or a handful. I ask the dogs for a pretty Sit/Stay and cross my fingers. 🤞🤞 One must keep a sense of humor when taking pictures of dachshunds.

One will sit still, the other will bolt. One will look up, the other down. Blinking eyes, backwards flipped ears and funny faces. And then one (usually Baxter) will inevitably decide he is totally over the whole thing.

I had already deleted about two dozen hilariously failed attempts at capturing a photo of Rhonda and Baxter together, with their back-to-back matching K9 Nose Work rosettes, when the idea for this blog topic struck me.

So, some of the more outrageous shots (wrestling dogs, a photo of crumpled rosettes with naught but blurry dog TAILS in the shot, etc.), you’ll have to imagine for yourself.

In the end though, the results are worth the effort. Most of the time.

Smile for the camera!!

May is Full of Promises

Oh, what a glorious morning!

Well, maybe not outside. Out there, it’s overcast, with a light breeze misting us with intermittent drizzling rain. Bare tree branches, receding snow banks and muddy earth greet the eye. But since I’m luxuriating in a morning of complete idleness, it’s glorious enough for me.

How did Rogers & Hammerstein put it?

“May was full of promises
But she didn’t keep ’em quick enough for some
And a crowd of doubtin’ Thomases
Was predictin’ that the summer’d never come.”

That is exactly where we’re at here in Alaska right now. I’m so ready for summer.

For now, I’m content to enjoy this early May morning from the toasty nest of my RV. I was happy to awaken at the reasonable time of 7:30 am (instead of 6:00 am) to a long, wiggly warm neck-hug from my best girl. It was time for a morning potty walk.

I turned the pot on to start coffee, grabbed a warm jacket and quickly accomplished Ronni’s morning toilet, still wearing my sleepwear and slippers. Minutes later, the two of us were back inside – me with a steaming mug of coffee and a blueberry scone. We have absolutely no place we have to be this morning and it feels wonderful.

I’m hoping, as the morning progresses, it will bring with it the sun. For the moment, I simply don’t care.

If I look closely, I can see the bare birch, willow, aspen and cottonwood trees are showing a hint of tightly curled bud-tips that will eventually become leaves and new growth. It’s May, but Spring is slow to show its face this year.

Not being a doubtin’ Thomas, I have complete faith that summer will indeed come. I’m just hoping it lands on a weekend.

For now … more coffee, please.

And … I’m Home Again

Threats of snow did not deter intrepid K9 Nose Work competitors this past weekend. Frigid temperatures and slushy mud puddles did not dim the smiles. It was the first NACSW K9 Nose Work trial of the year, and it was well attended.

Four full days of trialing flew by in a blur; the advanced NW3 level teams first on both Friday and Saturday, then NW2 on Sunday and our novice NW1 teams winding things up today (Monday). What fun!

The direly predicted snow never did make an appearance, and although rain and wind blew through, it was considerate enough to wait until most competitors had gone home for the day. There were several mild cases (including myself) of sunburn reported!

All four actual trial days were filled with intermittent blue sky and clouds, with the blue skies winning the battle above the Chugach Mountains more often than not. It was a glorious long weekend at Camp Gorsuch Boy Scout Camp.

I promise I AM going to get a picture of Baxter & Rhonda with their matching back-to-back NW3 1st place Vehicles rosettes … but it’s not going to happen today.

I pulled down our driveway around 6:00 pm this evening, parked the RV in its handy already level spot, hooked up the electric and stood on tired, wobbly legs looking at the looong walk across the still muddy, soggy yard to the house.

Rhonda was zonked out under a blanket on the bed and hadn’t bothered to look up when I parked. She was happy – I’d had the foresight to feed her dinner before the drive home.

After a brief moment of consideration, I turned my back on the house, stepped back into the RV and crawled into the bed next to Ronni.

It’s 8:30 pm now and I feel at least moderately refreshed after a nice, long nap. Not enough to unpack anything and move back into the house, but I might manage a mug of hot chai before bed.

There’s always tomorrow. Nite nite, all!

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