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THIS page has a listing of all my blog posts, starting with the most recent. I briefly took a steep departure from my usual blog topics because I needed a place to continue working with the Nose Work Practice group I’ve run (in person) for the past five years – and this seemed to be the most practical way to reach them!

So, I spent a week or so posting our on-going “Practice-At-Home” nose work training updates, exercises and tips here. Fortunately, it didn’t take as long as I expected to migrate everyone over to a dedicated Facebook group page, so I went back to normal blogging again. Yay! The rest of you hopefully enjoyed watching a small sampling of what I do to supplement our retirement income in the real world.

To check out my “side pages”, for more in-depth info about my hobbies and the dogs I share my life with, click on the MENU at the top of the page. Enjoy!

June in Alaska … shelter-in-place takes on new meaning when you have wheels. Have face-mask – will travel (at least within our home state).

Each New Dawn

As Alaska creeps at a snails pace from winter to the first subtle signs of encroaching spring in fits and starts, the steadily increasing daylight is a constant we can count on. The beginning of April, in that respect, is one of my favorite times of year. Watching dawn steal slowly across the sky startsContinue reading “Each New Dawn”

Birthday Party Antics

Doggy birthday parties aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. 😉 For me, it’s a great excuse to clear out a lot of the old, dog-eared toys and chews and give our pups a fresh supply of exciting new choices! With a little silliness thrown in for my own entertainment. Last Wednesday was Miss Rhonda’s 3rd birthday.Continue reading “Birthday Party Antics”

Internet Etiquette

If it hadn’t been for several cases of poor Internet etiquette, I would probably have never met Jerry or ended up living in Alaska. Seriously. Sometimes it’s the little things. Do you remember the early days of email chat? How many times over those early years did you roll your eyes and bemoan the “lackContinue reading “Internet Etiquette”

Celestial Dance

Recently, someone asked me how my husband, Jerry, and I first met. Jerry has been living in Alaska since early 1972, having moved here straight from southern California at the tender age of 19. I took a rather longer route, as seems to be my norm. Although also born and raised in southern California (actually,Continue reading “Celestial Dance”

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