Christmas Decor Goes to the Birds – Part 1

I’ll take my Christmas spirit where I can find it. Today, at a chilly 14°F, I finished decorating my “real” Christmas tree. 🎄 But first, let’s go back to the beginning of this project. Warning; this is going to be a bit of a ramble … just sorting my feelings out so I can moveContinue reading “Christmas Decor Goes to the Birds – Part 1”

Shiver My Timbers!

I thought about titling this “The Winds of November”, but it sounded like some epic novel. Besides; it’s not really about the wind – although I’ll admit, the wind has been substantial last night and today. The gusting winds woke me up just past dawn this morning, literally shaking the house. For you non-Alaskans, thatContinue reading “Shiver My Timbers!”

On This Still Alaska Morning

I found myself reluctant to get out of my toasty warm bed this morning, much less actually DO anything. One glance at the outside thermometer showed the temperature was -24F at my house. Sure, Fairbanks is lots colder, but really, I didn’t care about anyplace except right here. Ack. Rhonda was curled tightly against myContinue reading “On This Still Alaska Morning”