This December Morning

The wiggling of two warm bodies burrowing one after the other from the drafty opening they had created at the head of the bed to finding toasty warm spots alongside my PJ clad body barely twigged my awareness. It was 7:30 am and I hadn’t noticed or felt them leave the bed earlier. But IContinue reading “This December Morning”

Summer Dreams on Winter Solstice

Dawn has yet to push the slightest blush of pink over the mountains to the east. I can’t quite see it, but I know one of my favorite days of the year is about to arrive. I’m writing this today in real time (more or less), as I eagerly await the dawn. It’s barely 8:00Continue reading “Summer Dreams on Winter Solstice”

Slow Slide Into Evening

Exhausted after running errands today in single-digit temps, with a brisk November breeze dropping the wind-chill well below zero, I was more than ready to snuggle into my favorite chair with a soft quilt and a dachshund by 4:00 pm. Ronni was ready to snuggle too, having accompanied me on my frigid outings. I don’tContinue reading “Slow Slide Into Evening”

The Morning Buffet

I awoke to a fresh winter wonderland this morning – and some very unhappy birds! Their feeder was buried under 2-3” of white, fluffy snow and not a sunflower seed (their fav, hands down) to be had! Not exactly a blizzard 🤷‍♀️, but sort of inconvenient for the smaller birds. A few intrepid chickadees triedContinue reading “The Morning Buffet”