My Meandering Journey Back to Writing

Surrounded as we are with winter ice and the holidays, I thought it would be fun to switch gears completely and talk about last summer’s RV trip to the tiny hamlet of Hope, Alaska. Before I start, I wanted to make a comment about my whole blog project in general. Some of you know IContinue reading “My Meandering Journey Back to Writing”

Why buy an RV … at my age?

Quite a few people have asked this question, and I’m sure even more have thought it and refrained from asking. The short, flip response is a slightly defiant, “Because I could”. But more to the point, it was because I feared the deep regret I would feel if I didn’t take this leap of faithContinue reading “Why buy an RV … at my age?”

Good evening from Alaska!

They say you should start as you intend to continue. So, here goes. It’s November in south-central Alaska. Would you believe we have ZERO snow so far this winter? Much as I’d rather be out RV’ing, my 2016 Winnebago Minnie Winnie 27Q motorhome, affectionately referred to as “Roada”, is winterized and parked for the season.Continue reading “Good evening from Alaska!”