Realities and Wishful Thinking

My bedroom is still too darn small! I don’t know why it seems to shrink every year at about this same time. Even with my puzzle board doing double duty as grooming table and desk, and my spinning chair foldable (as is my wheel), there’s just no place to truly put enough things away. WhyContinue reading “Realities and Wishful Thinking”

Turned Leaves and Closed Doors

Autumn is a lovely time of year and I enjoy the sheer beauty of the changing seasons. What I have yet to come to terms with is the necessity of winterizing “Roada” and closing her up for the winter. Sadly, the time for this fall ritual is fast approaching. In order to spur me alongContinue reading “Turned Leaves and Closed Doors”

The story behind the yarn, Part 2

As the saying goes; “And now, for the rest of the story!” Let’s go back and start at the very beginning so that you can follow from inception to completion one of my more recent creations – and one of my favorites (so far). I call this yarn “Sky Blue Pink Turning Yellow in theContinue reading “The story behind the yarn, Part 2”