Birthday Party Antics

Doggy birthday parties aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. 😉 For me, it’s a great excuse to clear out a lot of the old, dog-eared toys and chews and give our pups a fresh supply of exciting new choices! With a little silliness thrown in for my own entertainment. Last Wednesday was Miss Rhonda’s 3rd birthday.Continue reading “Birthday Party Antics”

And … It’s Snowing Again

I generally enjoy winter. I have no problem with the cold or the snow. I’ve been living in snow country for over 35 years. It’s pretty spectacular. Admittedly, the darkness of winter has become more challenging over the years, but not for the reason you might think. I don’t find the darkness in itself depressing.Continue reading “And … It’s Snowing Again”

Mind Games

It’s amazing how easily your mind can play tricks on you. Certain events or holidays trigger an automatic response, right? For example; before Thanksgiving dinner has even begun to digest, we kick head-long into preparations for Christmas. April arrives and we think “taxes!”. It’s habit. It’s what’s next. Well … the last weekend of FebruaryContinue reading “Mind Games”

Trick or Treat? BOTH!

OK, I’ve come to the conclusion one can only stare at a bird-feeder for just so long before going bonkers. Rhonda agrees. Chickadees are simply too small to consider proper prey – and besides, Mom won’t let her out on the upper deck to chase them. This past week, along with bird-watching; I’ve made aContinue reading “Trick or Treat? BOTH!”