Sheltering in Place on Wheels

A need to see something other than the exact same view from my window nudged me out of “shelter in place”, despite my concerns as a high-risk senior. There had to be a way to maintain a cautious distance and see to my basic safety needs without turning into a hermit. Besides, I was gettingContinue reading “Sheltering in Place on Wheels”

And Life Spins Merrily Along …

Well, OK, maybe not so merrily, but it DOES seem to be spinning. I’ve been too busy to do much of that (spinning) myself lately, which I intend to remedy. Those of my followers who aren’t avid fans of K9 Nose Work (the dog sport) will be happy to note that I seem to haveContinue reading “And Life Spins Merrily Along …”

For the Joy of Dachshunds

When the tiny 2-pound bundle of black and tan furry love that was “Pocket” joined our family in October 1998, I fell head over heels and irrevocable into love with Dachshunds. Pocket was actually only half Dachshund, at least genetically, although her personality was sure 100%. Her mama was a gorgeous, AKC registered Miniature DachshundContinue reading “For the Joy of Dachshunds”