A River Runs Through it

I’m beyond ready for another camping trip. Several destinations are calling to me, and many of them have me passing through an area I seldom think of as a destination unto itself. I’m not sure why, except that I’m so often on my way someplace else. Cooper’s Landing is a small community of close-knit, adventurousContinue reading “A River Runs Through it”

Did I Mention Squirrels?

It’s easy to tell which trees are home to the feisty, chittering squirrels surrounding the spacious campsites in Quartz Creek Campground. Just look for the piles of decimated spruce cone remnants around the base of the trees. Or ask Rhonda. After 24 hours in our campsite, Ronni has the “squirrel trees” clearly mapped out. AfterContinue reading “Did I Mention Squirrels?”