Denizens of the Deck

I don’t know exactly why, but I tend to think of the cheeky little red-breasted Nuthatch as the tiniest of the woodpecker clan. I know they aren’t any such thing, but the way they cling, often upside down, to the suet bar on my deck … peck, peck, pecking away with their sharp little beaks,Continue reading “Denizens of the Deck”

Birds and Bugs and Stuff

The agitated twittering of a family of robins in the cluster of birch trees near my bedroom window woke me from a fitful dose at 10:00 pm last night. Something was obviously amiss. Daylight in Alaska not withstanding, most non-predatory birds are tucked in and very quiet by this time of night. Leaves were rustling,Continue reading “Birds and Bugs and Stuff”