Day Four – We Found Fairbanks!

Someone once told me all roads (in Alaska) lead to Fairbanks – if you keep driving long enough. I don’t know about that, but if you turn right when you exit the Delta Junction State Recreation Area, you will indeed end up in Fairbanks – eventually. It’s sort of hard to miss. Rhonda and IContinue reading “Day Four – We Found Fairbanks!”

Sheltering in Place on Wheels

A need to see something other than the exact same view from my window nudged me out of “shelter in place”, despite my concerns as a high-risk senior. There had to be a way to maintain a cautious distance and see to my basic safety needs without turning into a hermit. Besides, I was gettingContinue reading “Sheltering in Place on Wheels”

Baxter’s Navigator Status

For the past six months, the question of Baxter’s ability to continue traveling as my #1 Navigator in the RV and possibly even competing in future Nose Work/Scent Work trials has laid heavy on my mind. If his problem can’t be corrected – if it’s simply some sort of normal age-related disfunction – can IContinue reading “Baxter’s Navigator Status”