Mental Stimulation – Key to a Happy Retirement?

After retiring last fall from my office job of the past eight years, I gave a lot of thought to how best to keep my mind active and productive. I believe I mentioned that I was going to start writing again for BellaOnline – an international multi-topic online magazine owned and operated by women. I’veContinue reading “Mental Stimulation – Key to a Happy Retirement?”

Can Succulents Live in Alaska?

After bringing two adorable succulent “pets” home with me from Arizona last October, it occurred to me that it could be challenging to keep them alive until spring. Yikes! I figured they would be fine in a window sill, but it seems not all succulents are alike in their lighting and temperature tolerances and itContinue reading “Can Succulents Live in Alaska?”

My Meandering Journey Back to Writing

Surrounded as we are with winter ice and the holidays, I thought it would be fun to switch gears completely and talk about last summer’s RV trip to the tiny hamlet of Hope, Alaska. Before I start, I wanted to make a comment about my whole blog project in general. Some of you know IContinue reading “My Meandering Journey Back to Writing”