RV Adventures

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Meet “Roada”, my favorite 6-wheeled companion and partner. You’ll get to know her pretty well, since she features predominately in many of my stories.

Memorial Day camping at Bird Creek Campground on Turnagain Arm – check out the handy, old-school leveling blocks!
My camp site at the Porcupine NFS Campground in Hope, Alaska, overlooking Turnagain Arm (Summer, 2019) Yep! I backed her in myself!

It’s been quite the adventure, so far, as the four of us (including “Roada” and co-navigators Baxter & Rhonda) have traveled around Alaska, getting accustomed to each other, over the past three-plus years. I started out as a very green RV newbie so there was a pretty steep learning curve (I’ll tell you all about it) – but I’m well on my way now (famous last words?) and preparing for bigger trips to come. Bigger than Alaska? How can that BE? Well … I hear Canada is pretty darned large, and then there is the entire “lower 48” below it. Alaska may be BIG, but as the saying goes … “But wait! There’s MORE!”

Taking advantage of sunshine, I relax outside the RV on an unusually warm 75° day in Valdez, Alaska. I am content to spin while the Dachshunds enjoy basking in sunny spots on the ground mat.

Ronni & Baxter in their RV play yard. Sterling, Alaska.

Too bad … so sad. “Roada” is winterized and hibernating until Spring. Dang.

December 2019; -3F

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