Dachshund Antics

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For more winter antics, check out my blog posts … a little snow doesn’t slow these guys down!

WIND! A gourmet meal … just a scent away! Read my blog post from 11/14/19.
Meet Frostworks Baxter, aka “Baxter”
At age 10, Baxter is still my #1 Nose Work and Agility dog, always happy to be working (or playing) his favorite sports. Baxter’s current titles include NW3x2, plus all 4 Element titles (K9 Nose Work), AKC Scent Work Handler Discrimination title, SWA (PSD Scent Work Advanced), TDA (Trick Dog Advanced), and is trialing at Open level NADAC Agility. He also enjoys Rally Obedience, Freestyle (Heeling to Music) and has dabbled in Flyball.
This is Goodwood Help Me Rhonda B Good, NW1, SWN, TDN, BHO, aka “Ronni” or “Rhonda
Rhonda is the baby of the family. At two years of age, she is still full of puppy antics. In spite of that, she has already obtained her first titles in K9 Nose Work, AKC Scent Work and Barn Hunt. We are just starting our journey into AKC Rally and Agility. Possibly tracking at Fast-Cat too! Stay tuned!

I’ll be adding loads of content here as I develop this site. I’m hoping Baxter and Ronni will find lots of followers who will enjoy watching their dog sports videos as well as following their everyday and travel antics. More to come!

I am saddened to announce that Rhonda and Baxter (and I) have recently lost a very special “big sister” (to the weens). Abby was a large part of our household for the past 13 years, and although she passed peacefully over the Bridge on a terribly sad day in May 2020, her impact on our lives has been huge. More about her story in a future blog entry. For now, please say Hi to our precious Miss Abby. She is forever in our hearts.

Abby, 2006 – 2020
RIP sweet angel

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