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My Winnebago Minnie Winnie, “Roada”. Eagle River, Alaska, September 2021.

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Follow my story as I continue to learn more about RV living. I am not an RV full-timer, but more than just a weekend warrior. I’m what they call an RV Some-timer, at least from Spring thru Fall!

Baxter & Rhonda

Dachshunds are big dogs in small bodies. You’ll be able to follow Baxter and Ronni’s antics on their own page as well as my blog. Join us for some fun!

Framed horse (16”x20”) made from copper wire, handspun yarn and raw fleece.

Spinning is only one of several fiber-related hobbies I enjoy. Once you can create yarn, whole new worlds open up. I think of myself as a spinner and a fiber artist.

“We have two lives, one we’re given and the other one we make.”

– Mary Chapin Carpenter

4 thoughts on “De Rambles On …

  1. Hi Ruth! It occurred to me this morning, since my most recent blog was all about Ronni’s new winter coat 💗, that I didn’t know if you are following my blog or not – so I’m sending you this invitation. I’m coming up on my 1-year anniversary! Boy, have I been chatty this past year. 😂

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  2. Hey there! I just came across your blog. Any tips for someone who doesn’t have any experience beyond beginner sewing projects and a little bit of cross-stitching to start knitting? I have no clue where to begin!


    1. Easy-peasy! First, see if there is a knitting guild or even just a casual knitting group in your area. Look up “yarn stores near me” – they will know most of the regulars and may be able to put you in touch.

      If that isn’t an option, there are TONS of online knitting tutorial videos. When I was trying to learn new or complicated stitches, I’d find a stitch-specific YouTube video and just practice it over and over. 👍


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