Birthday Party Antics

Doggy birthday parties aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. 😉

For me, it’s a great excuse to clear out a lot of the old, dog-eared toys and chews and give our pups a fresh supply of exciting new choices! With a little silliness thrown in for my own entertainment.

Last Wednesday was Miss Rhonda’s 3rd birthday. I want to share some of the fun with you.

Jerry was happy to add some yummy chicken treats to Ronni and Baxter’s breakfast in honor of her special day, but that was about as far as his interest went. 🤷‍♀️ That’s OK … maybe it’s a girl thing.

One sweetly posed birthday picture …

Of course, being a birthday party, we had to serve cake! Ronni had a blast chasing and retrieving her “slice of cake” for several minutes (it was so big, it was a hoot watching her figure out how to carry it), but it wasn’t long before prey drive kicked in and she had to go for the squeaker.

Knowing Rhonda, gutting the birthday cake was a foregone conclusion and a big part of the fun. Fortunately, she’s not into eating the toy innards. Her goal is to scatter stuffy-guts all over the room in an attempt to find and kill the squeaker! It was well worth the $3.99 price tag.

More new toys followed, spaced throughout the day, and my bed became “toy central” as Ronni and Baxter competed in party games such as Tug-a-war, Kill the Squeaky, Chase the Giggle-Ball and more!

As has become tradition, I also brought out Ronni’s beloved “Foxy”, the long, red, stuffed fox toy her breeder, Claire, had so thoughtfully included in the kennel when Rhonda made her maiden trip from Oregon to Alaska as a puppy.

Ronni (9 weeks old) & Foxy.

Ronni slept with Foxy (it smelled like her litter mates) for a full two weeks as a puppy before deciding to chew the ears off it, at which point we stored Foxy away – bringing her out for special birthday reunions. 🦊 Ronni still LOVES her Foxy!

Then we put Foxy up again before too much additional damage is done! 😂

To appease our avid little stuffy-gutter, we traded the cute but fuzz-filled Foxy for a crinkle-bottle-filled “champagne bottle”! What fun! 🥂🥂

As with all good things, Rhonda’s party eventually wound down. Admittedly, the whole event was as entertaining for me as it was for the pups.

Our tired out dachshund duo finished the day contentedly snoozing in a dog-pile on Mom’s lap.

Thank you, Miss Rhonda, for adding so much joy to my life. Happy birthday, pretty girl!

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I’m a RV Sometimer (less than full time, but more than a weekend warrior) living in Alaska, with dreams of seeing the country in my RV. I am 70 years old and married, but my husband isn’t a fan of RV travel, so my journeys are mostly solo except for my navigators; dachshunds Baxter & Rhonda. I’m also a spinner of tales - and a spinner of yarn (my other passion). My spinning wheel, along with the dogs, go along on all my travels. I look forward to sharing my stories, including photos and videos, with you.

3 thoughts on “Birthday Party Antics

  1. Happy Birthday Rhonda! Sounds like you had best of parties- new toys, a visit from foxy, fun games with Baxter, and lots of smiles and laughter for De and Jerry.


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